It was with immense sadness that we said a final farewell to our friend and colleague Roger Pritchard at the end of 2021.

He is missed on so many levels by us all here, from his vast experience and his encyclopedic knowledge to his wit, warmth and friendship. A highly educated and intelligent man with a love of literature, poetry and music he was nevertheless a man of the people, fiercely proud of his roots and his heritage.

We know that he will be sorely missed by the generations of delegates who have passed through his classrooms over the decades, where, he treated all equally and delivered training with his unique combination of professionalism, work related anecdotes, razor sharp wit and above all, a deep desire to keep his “flock” safe by imparting a safe working ethic.

Lastly, we will forever miss the smiley face that mysteriously appeared on the top of the staff signing in sheet each and every Friday. Thank you Roger 🙂