If someone has told you that you need a particular plant certificate then our advice would be to double check by contacting the employer or client directly and clarifying.

People often mention particular certificates because that is the only one they have heard of or it has come into common usage eg. People often ask for an iPod when they mean personal music player or a Hoover when they actually want a vacuum cleaner. Exactly the same thing happens in training.

The Law states that you should receive appropriate and sufficient training and does not recommend any particular schemes or certificates. Having said this, please bear in mind that many of the larger Construction and Civil companies will insist on CPCS because they pay levy to the CITB which administers the CPCS Scheme.

The bottom line is that most employers should be in a position to accept a wide variety of plant certification as long as they are happy that the schemes meet their requirements.

All our Plant training is accredited by Qualpass TSAR. Qualpass courses comply with HSE guidelines and Approved Codes of Practice and the Qualpass card is accepted across wide range of sectors and companies.