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Welder Training & Coding

Welder Training and Coding at providence Training


Our purpose built welder training facilities are unparalleled within Pembrokeshire. They boast 14 segregated and curtained bays which are fully ventilated and equipped. These are complimented by a comprehensively equipped prep area for both pipe and plate.


Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced welder wishing to improve we can help.

Unlike other organisations, we do not offer formal accredited courses but instead concentrate on hands on tuition. You will have no classroom time, no course paperwork just flat out welding and tuition to get you to your desired level as quickly as possible. 

For those wishing to obtain a coding, test pieces are completed and the best submitted for third party testing. A coding will be issued if they reach the required standard. Codings are conducted to ASME 1X / ISO 9606 standards.

Test Only

Individual or company, if you have a requirement for a test only service then our facilities are available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.