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How long will it take for my Passport to arrive?

As a rule of thumb you should allow 6 weeks for the awarding body to get your passport out to you. All those attending and passing a CCNSG course will be issued with a temporary passport to cover this 6 week period. If you full passport does not arrive within 6 weeks then please contact […]

How do I renew my Safety Passport?

The CCNSG Site Safety Passport and the MPQC SPA Mineral Passport both offer 1 day Renewal courses as long as you sit them before your card expires. If you do not, then you will have to sit the full 2 day course again. Please be aware that this is a requirement of each scheme and […]

Which Safety Passport do I need?

There are many safety passport schemes out there so getting the right one can often been confusing and mistakes costly. The best advice is to check with your potential employer or client and ask which they require. We offer two Safety Passports: MPQC/SPA Mineral Safety Passport – specifically for mineral extraction sites such as quarries […]

What are Safety Passports?

They are photo ID cards held by individuals who need to work on sites. Their purpose is to ensure that any person entering or working on a site has the appropriate Health & Safety knowledge to work and act in a safe manner. There are various passports and which you require will depend on the […]