We run regular open Courses at our Centre. These are charged on a per person basis so if you are booking a large group onto one of these dates, dependent on the type of course, we may be able to offer a reduced price.

There is, however, a better way to book training for large numbers of delegates assuming they can all be released at the same time, and that is ordering a group or Company Specific course. This is charged slightly differently to our open Courses.

Depending on the type of course we will either provide you with a discount commensurate with the numbers attending or, a single rate for each days training plus a per person fees to cover awarding body costs such as delegate books and certification.  Other costs such as mileage, accommodation and Instructor travel may also apply. Dependent on you delegate numbers, this can often prove to be a far less expensive way of purchasing training plus your course date is not restricted to our monthly schedule.