Providence Training

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How do I book a course with you?

Ring us, email us or contact us via our website. Either way we will be more than happy to provide information and advice to help you select the correct training, provide you with a quotation, go through payment options and send you joining instructions. Whether you are a private individual or an organisation we are […]

Why can you only train small groups on a plant course?

This is partly down to HSE Approved Codes of Practice, particularly when you are undertaking forklift training but also down to practicalities. Each delegate requires sufficient 1 to 1 time with an Instructor to ensure that both adequate training and assessment are carried out.

How do I renew my Safety Passport?

The CCNSG Site Safety Passport and the MPQC SPA Mineral Passport both offer 1 day Renewal courses as long as you sit them before your card expires. If you do not, then you will have to sit the full 2 day course again. Please be aware that this is a requirement of each scheme and […]

Why do you ask for my NI Number when I book a course?

We use an electronic booking system which also keeps records of the training you have completed over the years. If you contact us in the future to query any aspect of you training (eg you may have lost a certificate and wish to know when it runs out) then it is important that we are […]

Do I get a discount for large bookings?

We run regular open Courses at our Centre. These are charged on a per person basis so if you are booking a large group onto one of these dates, dependent on the type of course, we may be able to offer a reduced price. There is, however, a better way to book training for large […]

Why do I have for pay for my course in advance?

If you are a member of the public we ask for payment in advance of your course because it is easier to take it at the time of booking as opposed to when we have a large amount of people to sign in on the morning of your course. Additionally, experience has taught us that […]

Can you run a course for us at our site or office?

Yes we can, as long as you have a suitable area where all delegates can be seated at tables/desks and a wall where we can project a presentation or a flat screen TV. Other criteria may also apply dependent on the type of course you require, which, is particularly pertinent to Plant training. Just give […]

Are my employees competent once they have passed a course?

With any training a person can only be deemed competent on successful completion of their course. Knowledge and skills have been imparted, and the delegate, via assessment, has proved that they have absorbed and understood these. What training does not do is guarantee ongoing competence. As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure continued […]