Providence Training

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I have lost my certificate or card can I get a replacement?

Yes, as long as your award is still current then please contact us and we can arrange a replacement. In certain circumstances you may have to attend our Centre but on the whole it can be done over the telephone. Please be aware that there will be a charge for ordering replacement cards or certificates […]

My employer has my certificate or card and they won’t give it to me?

If your employer has organised and paid for your training then the certificate or card is sent to them for distribution. Most will copy the original and then pass it on to you. This problem often arises when you have not been given your certificate and you leave your employer. Whilst we do not condone […]

Where will my card or certificate be sent?

 If you have paid for your training yourself then it will be posted directly to you. If you employer or another organisation has paid for your training then it will be sent to them for distribution. The only exception to this rule is the CCNSG Site Safety Passport Scheme where the card is posted directly […]

Will I get a certificate for my course?

If you course is accredited by one of the following awarding bodies you will receive a certificate: IOSH Highfield NEBOSH If you course is accredited by Qualpass TSAR then you will receive a Qualpass card. Your Qualpass card will have your photograph and name on the front and on the reverse, the courses you have […]