Providence Training

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Why do you ask for my NI Number when I book a course?

We use an electronic booking system which also keeps records of the training you have completed over the years. If you contact us in the future to query any aspect of you training (eg you may have lost a certificate and wish to know when it runs out) then it is important that we are […]

I have lost my certificate or card can I get a replacement?

Yes, as long as your award is still current then please contact us and we can arrange a replacement. In certain circumstances you may have to attend our Centre but on the whole it can be done over the telephone. Please be aware that there will be a charge for ordering replacement cards or certificates […]

My employer has my certificate or card and they won’t give it to me?

If your employer has organised and paid for your training then the certificate or card is sent to them for distribution. Most will copy the original and then pass it on to you. This problem often arises when you have not been given your certificate and you leave your employer. Whilst we do not condone […]

Where will my card or certificate be sent?

 If you have paid for your training yourself then it will be posted directly to you. If you employer or another organisation has paid for your training then it will be sent to them for distribution. The only exception to this rule is the CCNSG Site Safety Passport Scheme where the card is posted directly […]

Will I get a certificate for my course?

If you course is accredited by one of the following awarding bodies you will receive a certificate: IOSH Highfield NEBOSH If you course is accredited by Qualpass TSAR then you will receive a Qualpass card. Your Qualpass card will have your photograph and name on the front and on the reverse, the courses you have […]

Can you run a course for us at our site or office?

Yes we can, as long as you have a suitable area where all delegates can be seated at tables/desks and a wall where we can project a presentation or a flat screen TV. Other criteria may also apply dependent on the type of course you require, which, is particularly pertinent to Plant training. Just give […]

Are my employees competent once they have passed a course?

With any training a person can only be deemed competent on successful completion of their course. Knowledge and skills have been imparted, and the delegate, via assessment, has proved that they have absorbed and understood these. What training does not do is guarantee ongoing competence. As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure continued […]

Can our company/organisation provide our own training?

Yes and some do, especially those with large training departments, however, there are some things to consider before you embark on this road: The bottom line is that you need to do as much as is reasonably practicable in order to ensure the safety of you employees in the workplace. If there is an accident […]

Why do I need training?

Under Health & Safety Law all employees need to receive training appropriate to the tasks they are being asked to perform so for example, if you are being asked to use a piece of machinery then you need to be adequately trained in its safe operation, likewise, if you are being asked to be a […]